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Friday, December 15, 2006

So Blessed

I just want to share this blessing. This has blown up my mind. I receied it today. This is not something material or tangible, but this is somthing that will fill my life with meaning. This will make me a better person, I know this will bring out the best in me.

Are you ready?

I have been given a new assignment! Aside from my GKY assignment, I will be the Sector Head of SOUTH A - Metro Manila!So blessed!!! I can't contain it! Thank you Lord!

With great powers, comes great responsibilities i know but Today I thank God for putting me on the best position to influence other people. thank you God. Please Guide me. Tahnk you for enlarging my borders. May I glorify you each day! I love you!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am falling in Love

I am so much in awe of what has done in my Life. Last November 24-29, 2006, I was just blown away by the love of God for me. He has entrusted my to be the Team Leader of the Junior Pioneer College from Singapore who will be coming to the Philippines to build in Tarlac. The moment that we were chosen I felt greatness inside me grows. I know that I will really expereince the greatest ride of my life. And I was right! I have seen His Power and Majesty by bringing me to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo.

It was breath-taking. The 1 and 1/2 hour rough 4x4 jeep ride to the base and the tiring 2 and 1/2 hour trekking is excrutiating and tiring. But once I got to the top, it was washed away in a second. It is true! The Beauty of God's creation could never ne compared. My mind and heart is blown away by His emmence love for me. I felt a deep sense of oneness with him.

Together with the 3 other service team we went into the base of the crater and refreshed our face with the soothing water from the base of the earth. I felt like fying with the lightness of feeling that I have. I couldn't have expereince this great privilege if I have left Philippines.

I consider this as one of God's gioft to me. He has given me a glimpse of His wonderful creation. My companions could attest you'd never think we have such wonderful place like this in our country.

This experience makes me proud even more that I AM A FILIPINO. And I have to admit, I am FALLING IN LOVE WITH GOD MORE.

ps. to see my other photos visit: leahcustodio.multiply.com

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Care Bears Reunion

It is great to know that you have friends you can lean on to when you are in need. Just being with these people is a great honor. They are God's angels to my life. I praise God that I am one of them. Our mission is to bring love to the World. Spread Love Care Bears!!!!

SFC Global Leader's Forum

Palace in the Sky!

Friday, September 08, 2006

surprises and miracles

Better hope than expect. For in expecting you may get disappointed if things don't go positively, but in hoping you invite surprises and miracles.

Last 2 month ago i was supposed to go out of the country to attend a conference. I was going to claim that promise since it was overdue. But I guess God has other plans. We got denied in the visa interview. I did not resent it nor quetioned God. I was just patiently waiting and Hoping. Doing what I am supposed to do as a missionary.

I underwent even more challenges for this past months. I just ask the Lord to keep me in His love. I continue to believe. Last September 5, 2006, I celebrated my 1st year anniversary as a missionary. I thank the Lord for his faithfulness! I asked the Lord what to do next. I presented Him my plan to go on further studies. I don't know how that will happen since I find it hard to give up service. Anyhow that was my heart's desire.

As I was plotting my future plans, God has already decided what will happen to me. Yesterdaym September 7, 2006. I receieved a phone call from my top elder telling me I was chosen to go to a Mission in Africa. And here's the catch, I am to leave in 2 weeks. I was really surprised. I did not expect it to be this soon. The first thing I thought, what would I bring. I didn't thought of what will happen if I leave.

My heart is ready to go. The Lord answered my deepest desire. More than my plan for my self, His great plan prevails. I don't know what will happen to me there but for sure God has instored for me the greatest blessings in y life. I will claim HIs love for me and share it to the world.

Praise God for His faithfullness. Continue to hope for his perfect and wonderful plan will soon unfold in your life. Blessed be the name of the Lord. His faithfullness endures forever. I love you Lord.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There is no such thing as Inferior Grace

I attended the Mass yesterday. It was noon.. It's supposed to be very hot but I had to wear my longsleeves because it's been raining. I can hear my stomach rumbling but I had to fast an hour before the mass. I came in the cozy chapel at the back of SM Mall in Delgado. I can feel the coolness of the aircon. I saw a couple of reminders was being flashed to the wall through the multi media. Good thing I have ample time to reflect before the mass.

I did.

The mass started, I was alone in my pew. I wondered why, maybe I have angels sitting right next to me, no body wants to sit beside me becase it's already full. Any how, the mass went on, I was listening intently to the Gospel, looking forward for God's message. Amazing! I gained a lot of wisdom from simply sitting alone in my bench listening to God speaking to me personally.

He said, that there is no such thing is inferior grace. What ever it is that I have, is a gift. I should look into myself, review my life and find out the graces that He has given me. Share the talents that I have to glorify God. I examined myself and what talent can I share the world. I may not be very good in all aspect but as what Papa Jesus said, there is no such thing as inferior grace. All is given to you has a purpose. Use whatever that is given you. If you use it for the greater glory of God it will ake you a saint....

It kept on ringing on my mind... after mass I went to SM and passed by the rear entrance. It is peaceful there. Not much rush. A couple of customers buying stuff. I went near to a stoll selling Magic Sing Microphones and asked if I can sing. What was I doing? Before I could think twice she said yes and gave me the list of songs to choose from.

I sang two songs and decided it was enough. I was ready to leave when the attendant asked me to sing another song. I coudn't say no and sang anyway... then another song, then another, then another. Before I knew it some aatending are coming near to look in.. I was quite fushed but I said, they don't know me anyway. I decided to sing one last song, then leave and head off to where I am supposed to go. But the security guard came to the attendant and asked if I could sing his song. When Shiela asked for His request, I did said yes. Before the song stared I dedicated the song to him. I was glad to see him smile.

The last note ended, it was time for me to go. I can see flashes of smile around me. Of the customers, of the tenants of the security guards... I realized I've been singing for the past one hour. What was I doing? I just smiled and thnaked God for the opportunity to serve others with the grace to sing.

I felt good inside, and it flashed a smile on my face. They asked me to come bak the following day. Sure I will come back. I have realized there is no such thing as inferior grace. You may think that you may nit be good in your stuff but ei, you can serve the world with it. Just do it for the glory of God! Before you know it you have evangelized people around you.

Take time to just look around and serve with the grace that you have, All for the Glory of God!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bounce Back

What happens when someone breaks your heart?

When someone breaks your heart, first you are shocked. Someone will say you are heartbroken and you examine the words break and heart and heartbroken and immediately decide that it's inaccurate. You feel pain in the region of your heart and you think it's your heart breaking but one's heart doesn't really break, something else does--- faith. You stop believing.

No, not in the big things which are most of the time irrelevant. You still believe in God or Buddha or some Supreme Being, you still believe child prostitution is bad. You just stop believing in the small things that you do, the small things that give meaning to your daily life, and you begin to think everything is pointless: Why get up? Why dress up? Why breathe in and out? What for? What for?

When someone breaks your heart (your faith), you stop believing and you switch off the lights inside your heart. Someone is home but that someone is lying in the dark, in the room farthest from the gate, and that someone can't hear anything. Friends, parents, they call out to her from the gate (come out which means move on) but they are unheard, unseen, unacknowledged.

When someone breaks your heart, you turn into a small ball of self-pity. You lie in the bed, in a ball. You hug your knees, keeping them close to your chest like a fetus. Freud said it's human instinct to go back to the womb where we can feel safe.

But that's what happens when someone breaks your heart-- they steal everything that makes you feel safe, whole, intact.

I have been heart broken but my heart is still whole. Maybe for some time I was just down hearted but faith can be pumped up. That's what happened to me. I struggled to believe again. It was hard to hope again, because it does not make you immune to pain and hurts, but i have learned that it makes you less of a person. For the essense of life is to enjoy and savor all that is given to you. No exception to the bitter and sad experiences. In the journey I have learned to bounce back and get on to my feet again. For life must go on... There is a great turn out out of the experiences in your life. If you will just positively look on the the brighter side of life . You can still say blessed be the name of the Lord if you will seek the wisdom out of it.